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2016 Elections - Candidate Certification

The 2016 Nominating Committee has certified the list of candidates for the election of members to the 2016 IAAO Executive Board.

Voting will be in November 2016 and IAAO has contracted with an independent tabulating company to provide election services including counting of ballots returned and certifying of election results. 

An official paper ballot will be mailed at the end of October and members may vote by returning the paper ballot in the envelope provided. 

Members also may vote online or using the ballot received via email. Note: If a member votes online and also submits a paper ballot, the paper ballot will take precedence.

We encourage you to exercise your right as an IAAO member to vote in the 2016 election.

Candidate Profiles

For President-Elect:

Dorothy A. Jacks, AAS

For Vice President:

Tim Boncoskey
Brian E. Gordineer, AAS
Anthony "Sackey" Kweku
John S. Moreland, RES
Jim Weaver, CAE, AAS
Scott G. Winter, CAE, RES

For Executive Board Region 1:

Ryan A. Hatch

For Executive Board Region 2:

Stuart Topliff
Virginia R. "Ginny" Whipple, AAS

For Executive Board Region 3:

Daniel R. Cypert, RES
Scott Mayausky