Chapters and Affiliates

IAAO has nearly 90 Chapter and Affiliate associations that span the globe. Chapters and Affiliates play a vital role in advancing the work of IAAO by assisting with efforts to serve assessment professionals in ways that benefit members in their local area. 

IAAO values our partner groups and established a Chapter/Affiliate Committee in 2011. This committee helps support the mission and commitments of IAAO by fostering strong relationships with Chapters and Affiliates. The committee strives to carry out a program of ongoing communication with Chapters and Affiliates that raises IAAO’s profile, ensures awareness of our resources, and identifies needs and concerns of Chapters and Affiliates as well as ways to address those issues.

If your Chapter or Affiliate would like to have an IAAO Executive Officer speak at an event, please submit a request using the Officer Travel/Event Information form.


IAAO encourages the formation and growth of local and regional Chapters that will advance the mission and commitments of our association. A Chapter can help in serving the educational and social needs of assessment professionals in a local area.


IAAO Affiliate Membership is open to any organization or association of public officials, employees and/or citizens interested in property valuation for property tax purposes, property tax administration or property tax policy. This is a unique type of organizational membership, as opposed to Regular and Associate membership for individuals.